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In Python if you have a dictionary that consists of lists like

   mydict = {'foo': [], 'bar':[3, 4]}

and if you want to add something into that lists you can do

   mydict.setdefault('baz', []).append(5)

not to write

key, list_element = 'baz', 5
if key in mylist:
    mydict[key] = [list_element]

is there an equivalent for this in Coffeescript?

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In Python, what you really want is probably a collections.defaultdict(list). Then appending a value is mylist['baz'].append(5). (Also, mylist is a misleading name for a dict.) –  user2357112 Aug 22 '13 at 21:29
sorry, fixed :) –  huseyinalb Aug 22 '13 at 21:32
Using setdefault for the Python code instead of collections.defaultdict is perfectly fine, I actually prefer it because you are still using a regular dictionary so you will get KeyErrors when referencing non-existing elements instead of an empty list (or whatever else the defaultdict is creating). –  Andrew Clark Aug 22 '13 at 21:36

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Here is one option:

(mydict.baz or (mydict.baz = [])).push(5)

In this case the CoffeeScript is extremely similar to the JavaScript it generates:

(mydict.baz || (mydict.baz = [])).push(5);
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There's also (mydict.baz ||= [ ]).push(6) if you don't want to mention baz twice. –  mu is too short Aug 23 '13 at 0:13

i recommend against using ||/ or to test for membership—it's basically a clever trick that will silently fail against falsy values. i prefer to write

( mydict[ name ]?= [] ).push value

which i find clearer; it assumes that in case mydict does not have an entry for name or that value is null or undefined, then an empty list should be put there at this point.

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If you don't mind employing underscore.js.


var iceCream = {flavor : "chocolate"};
_.defaults(iceCream, {flavor : "vanilla", sprinkles : "lots"});
=> {flavor : "chocolate", sprinkles : "lots"}
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