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I am a newbie to Spring and I want to create "option group select" But I am unable to do this.

I want an output as following but in HTML type saying

<select name="..." value"...">
 <optgroup label="Category 1">
  <option ... />
  <option ... />
 <optgroup label="Category 2">
  <option ... />
  <option ... />




jsp code Edited : Correct one

   <form:select multiple="single" path="servicemodule" id="servicemodule">
     <form:option value="None" label="--Select--" />
      <c:forEach var="service" items="${servicemodule}">
       <optgroup label="${service.key}">
       <form:options items="${service.value}"/>        

Controller code : There are 4 main categories and under each of these there can be many subCategories. These can be retrieved from getServiceModuleList method. But I am not getting idea where to implement the loop to store different subcategories under their respective main category.

         private ServiceModule servicemodule;

Edited: Correct @ModelAttribute

    public Map<String,List<String>> populateService() {

        String[][] mainCategory = new String[7][2];

        mainCategory[0][0]= "General"; mainCategory[0][1]= "general1234";
        mainCategory[1][0]= "Games"; mainCategory[1][1]= "games1234";
        mainCategory[2][0]= "Images"; mainCategory[2][1]= "images1234";
        mainCategory[3][0]= "Ringtones"; mainCategory[3][1]= "ringtone1234";

        Map<String,List<String>> serviceModule= 
        new LinkedHashMap<String,List<String>>();

        List<String> subCategory=new ArrayList<String>();

        List<ServicesPojo> services=
        for(ServicesPojo serviceName: services)
        return serviceModule;

Edited: Got the Answer for Loop

    for(int i=0;i<mainCategory.length;i=i+2){
    List<String> subCategory=new ArrayList<String>();

        List<ServicesPojo> services=
        for(ServicesPojo serviceName: services)

Model This has the main error whether I should keep only String or List Confused!!

Edited: Now Corrected one

  private List<String> servicemodule;

  public List<String> getServicemodule() {
    return servicemodule;

public void setServicemodule(List<String> servicemodule) {
    this.servicemodule = servicemodule;

Error Description

  Invalid property 'serviceModule' of bean class 
  [springx.practise.model.SiteModel]: Bean property 'serviceModule' 
  is not readable or has an invalid getter method: 
  Does the return type of the getter match the parameter type of the setter?


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Watch you case: servicemodule != serviceModule.

The <c:foreEach> loop isn't correct either: it uses itemGroup both for var and varStatus, and itemGroup is never used inside the loop. Instead, serviceModule is used, but is not defined anywhere.

And I have a hard time understanding your code, one of the reasons being that you use the same name for very different things and don't pluralize attributes of type List.

private ServiceModule servicemodule;
Map<String,List<String>> serviceModule
private List<String> servicemodule;
<form:select multiple="single" path="serviceModule" id="serviceModule">
<c:forEach var="itemGroup" items="${servicesModule}" varStatus="itemGroup">

No wonder you lost yourself.

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Well Spotted mate!! Also corrected my jstl tag .. and I got the result.. Sorry and apologies for my same name variables.. I am learning MVC and changing variablenames as per your suggestion!! cheers. –  Madan Madan Aug 22 '13 at 22:49
Can you also suggest about how to use the loop inside Controller.. each time I use, I get ArrayIndexOutOfboundsException.. when it try for all the main categories! –  Madan Madan Aug 22 '13 at 22:55
Found out the silly mistake in loop... my question is corrected with answer now!! Thanks for identifying the Silly Case mistake!! –  Madan Madan Aug 22 '13 at 23:48

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