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I am learing how to use SQL, I set up a localhost, in the course of that journey, I was confronted to the issue of importing sql files into phpMyAdmin, I did the right click on and clicked on the Notepad++ that I previously installed, I typed in there the following code: $cfg['UploadDir']='c:\Files';, of course I created on the hard drive C the Files directory. Now that I came back into phpMyAdmin, clicked on my database, clicked on import, this is what I got as message:

The directory you set for upload work cannot be reached.

Can anyone help me here with this issue?

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Your webserver probably doesn't have permission to read 'c:\Files' thus it is not a valid directory. Technically you would say this is out of the web root.

I suggest you set the upload directory to a subdirectory of your web server's root directory (or in the PHPMyAdmin web directory). Then if for your own ease of use you want it to be located at 'c:\Files' you can create a shortcut from the web root upload directory whatever you name it, and place the shortcut in 'c:' and name it 'Files'.

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