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I have a custom onClickListener which is Triggered by the parent Activity called PlayActivity. The Custom onClickListener is called buttonclicklistener and it feeds certain variables to the parent activity through an interface however for some reason it cannot trigger a method when the variable is changed in buttonclicklistener. I've set a test variable of somethinggood to "completed" so that the method should get triggered. Even if I put a breakpoint on the if statement in the playactivity code, it does not trigger the method. I've done this before in another coding project and this is really catching me out. Can you think of another way to report this? I do not want to create a new instance of the PlayActivity in the Buttonclicklistener as it would not show the buttons as the current view and the variables will be reset that have been altered by the onclick class.

Apologise for the variable names, they are temporary and I am a recent graduate so sorry if its poorly written etc.

here is the call in buttonclicklistener;

public void OnDataPass(String[] string, int[] buttonID, Boolean[] bool, String somethinggood) {
     Log.d("gij", string[3]);
    string = CurrentAnswers;
    buttonID = currentbuttonstore;
    filled = bool;
    somethinggood = tempanswer;


here is what is recieved in PlayActivity;

  String misCompleted;

  public void OnDataPass(String[] string, int[] buttonid, Boolean[] filled, String   somethinggood) {
mCurrentAnswers = string;
buttonLocations = buttonid;
filled =  fill;
something (somethinggood);


    public void something(String somethinggood) {
if (somethinggood.contains("completed") )
            Toast.makeText(getBaseContext(), "Lets Tesselate", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
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Your first code block is a method, not a method call. It won't do anything by itself. Similar with your second code block. It's also just a method. Show us the code that actually is running (make sure you can breakpoint at it) and explain what you think it should be doing vs what is actually happening. Maybe include all of your onClick method if that's where the magic should be happening. –  goto10 Aug 22 '13 at 22:30
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