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I am trying to evaluate the right tool to test RESTful Web services and eventually automate the same for our project. Wondering, what are the specifications I need to look for such test, when i compare various tools on internet.

Definitely, one of the requirements would be an Open source tool.

I have looked on few tools, such as SOAPUI,RestClient,TestMaker, RestAssured. Wanted to know the pros and cons of them. Also, any ideas or pointers on how to go about it would be of great help.

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If you just want to poke at APIs, try Postman Client for Chrome. Or our tools. For automated testing, you'll probably need to evaluate each one to determine if it fits your needs or not. There's no one-size-fits-all. –  Runscope API Tools Aug 22 '13 at 23:23

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If you need complex parametrized soap and rest webservices testing and test automation, you definetly should try soapui. It is open source (https://github.com/SmartBear/soapui), free in base edition tool with great documentation. In addition to webservices tests it provide scripting, load testing tool, ide support, web services mocking, running tests from GUI or console and much more.

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if you want to test from browsers,


POSTMAN -> Chrome

Rest Client -> Firefox

If you need an online tool or require automated API testing,



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+1 for Runscope. The Radar product is great. –  Mike Cole Jan 18 '14 at 17:21

You might try HttpMaster.

It has a nice GUI and offers free Express edition. But it only runs on Windows.

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I needed one that could work with firephp (as chrome/firefox addon wont work) and found this great tool that shows on my firefox console all the firephp logs:


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May be you can give try to SoapSonar API testing tool, this is also Open source tool.

It is comes with free personal edition.


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