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I am new to flex. I am creating one video player..

I need to set the preloader for this component when ever the video is buffering...

Please post the answers or related links..

Thanks Aswath

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Heres how to track the buffering progress :

private function video_progress():void {
    bufferProgress.setProgress(video.bytesLoaded, video.bytesTotal);

<mx:VideoDisplay id="video" width="100%" height="90%" bufferTime="0" autoPlay="true" source="le/test.MP4" progress="video_progress()" metadataReceived="video_meta_received()" />

<mx:ProgressBar trackHeight="10" height="10" id="bufferProgress" width="70%"  mode="manual" minimum="0" maximum="{ video.bytesTotal }" label="" />
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