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I have a textbox that I would like to add text to by keyboard, as well as mix in some pre defined phrases from a drop down box. When I first come to the page there is no problem adding the phrases into the textbox, but once I type something in the button stops working

The HTML is:

  <div class="tab-pane" id="message">
  <textarea rows="4" cols="50" id="send_message" placeholder="Enter text ...">      </textarea>
  <a href="#message" class="btn btn-large btn-info"  data-toggle="tab">Add Phrase</a>
   <label for=message_list>message_list</label><select id=message_list><option>Hi There.</option><option>How Are You?</option></select>  </div>

My jquery is:

$('#message').on("click", "a", function(){

else if( $(this).is(":contains(Add Phrase)") )  {

How can I fix this?

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Use val to set the value of textarea And val to access the select value.

You were trying to use append on a form element.


supposed to be


Check Fiddle

$('#message').on("click", "a", function (e) {
    if ($(this).is(":contains(Add Phrase)")) {
        var $message = $('#send_message')
            previousText = $message.val();
        var currText = previousText + ' ' + $('#message_list').val();
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Thank you very much, That worked! Can I ask why you inserted e.preventDefault()? - Best Regards, Bill –  user61629 Aug 23 '13 at 1:56
You are welcome. I added preventDefault so that the link would not be followed which is the default action of the anchor –  Sushanth -- Aug 23 '13 at 4:50

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