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I have a JSON string and I want to extract the information I need to care about. What I want is to extract the value of the key 'name' from JSON string, there may be multiple entries of 'name'.

e.g the JSON string is :


I need to extract 'allen' and 'john' from this JSON String.

I am not familiar with regex and hope someone can help on it.

If you can give sample code in java, that's will be great.


Updated: thanks for everybody's reply and I just tried it by myself and actually it's pretty simple. Copy my code below

final String mydata = "{\"key1\":\"value1\",\"key2\":\"value2\",\"key3\":\"value3\",\"name\":\"allen\",\"detail\":{\"detailkey1\":\"detailvalue2\",\"name\":\"john\",\"detailkey2\":\"detailvalue2\"}}";

    final Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("\"name\":\"(.*?)\"");
    final Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(mydata);
    while (matcher.find()) {
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Make an attempt, and show your code. –  andy256 Aug 23 '13 at 1:19
Find a JSON library and save your sanity –  MadProgrammer Aug 23 '13 at 1:22

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I suggest to parse it using any JSON parser. Here's how to do it with Java org.json parser.

JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject(jsonString);
System.out.println(jsonObject.getString("name")); // allen

JSONObject detail = jsonObject.getJSONObject("detail");
System.out.println(detail.getString("name")); // john

To support multiple names, you'd have an embedded JSON array, instead of repeating the key.

JSONObject jsonObj = new JSONObject("{\"name\": [\"Mike Ross\", \"Rachel Zane\"]}");
System.out.println(jsonObj.getJSONArray("name").getString(1)); // Rachel Zane
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Just have a try by myself and realized it's pretty simple ^_^ –  lorcel Aug 23 '13 at 1:49
@lorcel Yes, it's pretty simple. If you later feel the need to map JSON to your Java objects take a look at Google Gson. Please, don't forget to accept the answer if it helped. –  Ravi Thapliyal Aug 23 '13 at 1:57

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