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I have columns with headers as such:


The first row of data looks like this:


There is no value under the fourth column Type.

I have a script that parses each column into an array and does different actions based on the first three criteria, First,Last,ID.

I need to write to the CSV file. The logic would look like this:

If First == Jon, Last == Smith, and ID == 123, write "Success" to Type

I have the following script:

   CSV.open("Content_File.csv", "wb") do |csv|
     csv << ["row", "of", "CSV", "data"]
     csv << ["another", "row"]

but all it does is write content to a CSV file row by row. I need to write to a specific row and a specific column.

Any thoughts?

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Short answer is you cannot (that is, you still need to iterate through the whole file and write out another one). For The longer version, please see here.

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Gotcha. I suppose I could pull all the existing CSV values and just overwrite the file, passing in my new value alongside all the old values. I'll probably just write a new CSV file and do a VLOOKUP though. Thanks for the guidance. –  Luigi Aug 23 '13 at 2:22

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