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Let's say I have three classes set up as follows:

abstract Class A {

public static function testfunction() 


Class B extends A {


Class C extends A {


If I call testfunction through class B or C ie


Is there a way of printing out the name of the class that called it? So for example, the output could be

"Hi, this function was called by Class B"

Any advice appreciated.


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Is there a way of printing out the name of the class that called it?

Yes, in php 5.3, but not in earlier versions.

See: Late Static Binding and get_called_class

In general, you can avoid this problem by using object instances, rather than static classes. It is often a better solution.

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In PHP 5.3 you can use get_called_class() in your static test function. This uses late static binding.

Best wishes, Fabian

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