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i have routines that are used often that I dont want to step into in debugger. Ideally treated much the same way as unmanaged code is.

getting the F10/F11 combinations right is distracting and annoying and is followed by Shift F11. And 1 Shift F11 too many and you are ready to plant your fist through the screen. So after yet another round of expletives, Im looking for a solution or tip on how to avoid this issue.

Is there a class or method annotation? Something I can do so that F11 steps over and not into certain classes or Methods ?

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How about the DebuggerStepThroughAttribute which tells the debugger to step over the code.

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Just tested it...gold. Works a treat. Thanks Don –  phil soady Aug 23 '13 at 2:12

There's nothing special about unmanaged code debugging in this respect. Other than the higher likelihood that you won't have PDB file (or a stripped one) for code that you are not interested in. That works the same in C#. Project + Properties, Build tab, Advanced button, Debug Info setting.

Additional options when debugging C# is the "Just My Code" and "Step over properties and operators" options in Tools + Options, Debugging section and the [DebuggerStepThrough] attribute. The "Just My Code" option was added to C++ for VS2013.

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the just my code option will be useful with the attribute. I just tested it too.. Thanks Hans. +1 for useful info. –  phil soady Aug 23 '13 at 2:17

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