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I am trying to figure out how to create a loop in matlab that can repeat a statement but increase/decrease the numbers in the statement each time.

So, for example, I want to repeat the statement -

Elset, elset="element 1", instance="simple plate-1" 150000,

Many times over so but increasing the element numbers so that it starts to come together like this -

Elset, elset="element 1", instance="simple plate-1" 150000,
Elset, elset="element 2", instance="simple plate-1" 149999,
Elset, elset="element 3", instance="simple plate-1" 149998,
Elset, elset="element 4", instance="simple plate-1" 149997,
Elset, elset="element 5", instance="simple plate-1" 149996,
Elset, elset="element 6", instance="simple plate-1"

This feel as though it should be very simple but I havent figured it out yet. Please help!

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Something like this:

lineStr = 'Elset, elset="element %d", instance="simple plate-1" %d,\n'

for i = 0 : 150000 - 1
    fprintf(1, lineStr, i, 150000 - i);
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