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I have the following method in a model:

  def trigger_events_updated_push_event
    Pusher['events'].trigger('events_updated', {})

I have the following spec:

   describe '#trigger_events_updated_push_event' do
      it 'should send message to Pusher' do
        Pusher['events'].should_receive(:trigger).with('events_updated', {})

Which produces this error:

 Failure/Error: Unable to find matching line from backtrace
       (#<Pusher::Channel:0x007ff16f18ae58>).trigger("events_updated", {})
           expected: 1 time
           received: 0 times

What am I failing to do?

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At first your code needs improvement. You hardcoded another Class/Constant in this class that makes it tightly coupled.

Refactor at first

def trigger_events_updated_push_event(event=Pusher['event'])
  event.trigger('events_updated', {})
# This way you allow other kinds of event to be injected.

Then test.

it "fires event" do
  event = double
  event.should_receive(:trigger).with('events_updated', {})
# Your test is only about this Class and does not depend on Pusher at all.
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