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I try to use my username and password to get project list from JIRA like this:

curl -u myusername:mypassword http://myjira.com/rest/api/2/project

However, it return an empty array.

I use Postman (Google chrome app) to post the request with that authentication data, it also return an empty array.

However, when I used that account to login into JIRA and use Postman to call that API, it return the project list because Postman use the Cookie that was generated after my login. So it seems that Basic authentication did not work. I cannot get data via JIRA API. I have done many search on google but cannot find any solution

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I have found out that the problem is because my JIRA system is behind a proxy server. The proxy server can eat basic HTTP authentication –  Tu Nong Aug 23 '13 at 11:03
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