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Google has made it pretty easy to embed 360-degree panaroma shots (called "PhotoSpheres") from Android phones directly onto your own website through the plusone.js api

A very basic example is:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <g:panoembed imageurl="" fullsize="4096,2048" croppedsize="4096,1380" offset="0,480" displaysize="600,400"/>

However, this ONLY seems to work if the image passed in imageurl is hosted in Google+. Is there a way to use these images without first giving the image to Google? I take the panorama on my Android phone and can view the 360-degree magic on my device with no problem. I copy the image off my device and upload it to my web server, however if I link to my own copy of the image, the "magic Google stuff" does not happen. If I then upload the image to Google+ and then view it and get the URL and paste that in...then it works perfectly. I would sure like to skip the Google+ step and just use my images without giving them to Google.

Any idea how to get this working on images that are not Google hosted?

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FYI - I don't think they support this anymore: – Nathan Adams Apr 22 '14 at 19:16

This project on github might be what you are looking for: Photosphere - Github

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If you use AngularJs, I developed a small directive right here :

you'll just have to type :

<photosphere src="path/img.jpg"></photosphere>

in your HTML

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