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I am working on a small SVN project and I have checked out two working copies (one on my desktop, and one on my laptop). Due to some unforeseen changes, I edited both working copies and then committed the one on the desktop to the Repository.

Now, I want to figure out how to commit the changes I made on my laptop without messing everything up. I thought a good starting point would be to view the differences between the working copy on the laptop and the current HEAD revision but I can't figure out how to do this.

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Act like you are going to do a commit. It will show you the list of changed files and you can then right click on each of those in the list to do a diff

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All right.. thanks. Is it bad practice for one developer to have more than one working copy at a time? –  mahela007 Aug 23 '13 at 5:01
@mahela007 - no, but The Right Way (tm) is update your (another) Working Copies after commit from one - and merge updates from repository (automatically of by hnd in case of conflicts). If your changed files have intersection in commit and local changes - you'll must to update - future commits from outdated WC will be blocked –  Lazy Badger Aug 23 '13 at 9:38

Just update WC on laptop and integrate committed changes. Before update you can see changes (local and remote) as file-lists, without context, using TortoiseSVN - Check for modification context menu

I modeled you case (changed two working copies with commit from one, with intersected changes). Screenshots from WC with local uncommitted changes

Without "Check Repository"

Without Repo

With "Check Repository"

Without Repo

On second screenshot you can see aggregated changes (both in WC and in repository after checkout)

  • Hello.de modified on both sides, my commit from this WC will be blocked due to this fact
  • Hello.eo modified only locally, usual diff show these changes
  • Hello.fr was modified only in WC1

For any file in this list of modification you can use "Compare with... " from TSVN context-menu for this window and see changed parts

Diff with TMerge

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