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In Qt creator, I can start a new project with Perforce version control. But how can I open a existing source repo like "File->open file/project->" AND use the existing Perforce client? Git, CVS and svn have their checkout commands(File->New->Version Control) in qt creator, Perforce not. I can add the current client to preferences, but only for one client.

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Have you tried more recent versions of Qt Creator? This was asked a while ago. I am currently using Qt Creator and am able to check out files from my Perforce client with now issue.

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Wow. I'm tumbleweed now.

Sorry I have to use Perforce. I hate it, I will never bother you again with it. It's broken in so many levels. I will manually edit the file myprojects.files untill someone comes up with a creator plugin for that. As alternative, I like to use git with my perforce projects, so this enables creator projects as well.

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