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I have to do a mass update. So I have wriiten a procedure.

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE or_doh_rcause_sm_wip_upd_sp ( 
   p_rcause_cd   VARCHAR2,  
   p_doh_sa           clob 
v_plant_cd              VARCHAR2 (8);
v_doh_sa                NUMBER          := 0;
v_ins_upd               CHAR(1);
for i in (select regexp_substr( p_doh_sa, '[^;]+', 1, rownum) result
          from dual
         connect by level <= length(regexp_replace( p_doh_sa, '[^;]+')) + 1)
    v_doh_sa     := TO_NUMBER(substr( i.result||',', 1, instr(i.result,',')-1 ),'9999999999999999999') ;
    v_ins_upd    := substr(i.result, instr(i.result,',',1)+1,1);
    v_plant_cd   := substr( i.result,instr(i.result,',',1,2)+1 );

IF v_ins_upd = 'U' THEN

           update OR_DOH_PM_SM_ROOT_CAUSE_T set ROOT_CAUSE_SA = p_rcause_cd 
           where DOH_SA = v_doh_sa
           AND   Plant_cd = v_plant_cd;


Like this i will have more than 500 sets. When from the front end if they run

getting error ORA-01460: unimplemented or unreasonable conversion requested

Please let me know how to solve this.

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Could you post a value of: p_doh_sa clob passed to the procedure ? Without it it is hard to say what was a reason of this error. Most likely the function to_number tried to convert some value that was not a number. – kordirko Aug 23 '13 at 7:40
Is this helpful: – ajmalmhd04 Aug 23 '13 at 9:20

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REGEXP_SUBSTR on a CLOB will return a CLOB. SUBSTR on a CLOB will also return a CLOB. But TO_NUMBER will not work on a CLOB . So you should add a TO_CHAR which always return a VARCHAR2 and that should do the trick.

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