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I want to play around with the Lens library a bit. I've loaded it into GHCi and created a record data type with the appropriate underscores:

> data Foo a = Foo {_arg1 :: Int, _arg2 :: [a]}

I would like to make the lenses for Foo using the makeLenses template. I would like to do this without needing to read through the entire set of Template-Haskell docs.

What incantation can I type in at the GHCi prompt to get this to work?

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Tested in GHCi 7.8.3:

:set -XTemplateHaskell
:m +Control.Lens
data AST = AInt  { _aid :: Int, _ival :: Int }
         | AChar { _aid :: Int, _cval :: Char }
         deriving (Show)
makeLenses ''AST

(I believe that the :{ ... :} block is necessary for makeLenses to work).

Let's briefly check:

λ >> AChar 100 'f' ^. aid
λ >> AChar 100 'f' ^? cval
Just 'f'
λ >> AInt 101 0 ^? cval
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It is worth mentioning that the makeLenses call has to go in the same :{ block as the data declaration! That threw me for a loop until I figured it out. – kqr Mar 31 '15 at 11:45
It's enough to have any statement in the :{ block together with makeLenses, (it does not have to be the AST declaration). As far as I understand, then ghci will expand the makeLenses as declaration list. If there is only one statement in :{ block, then it tries to expand it as expression, giving type mismatch error. – max630 Apr 12 at 15:07

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