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I cant seem to find the right jquery selector for this tag:


<div class="span4 span4-mod">
    <div class="well well-mod">
    <h4 class="DomainDescription">Iniz LAX1</h4>
    <span class="btn-block">
    <form action="pinfo.php" method="post">
        <input type="hidden" value="">
    Port Status<br />
    <span class="portstatus porton">21</span>
    <table class="table" style="margin-top: 10px;">
                <td class="showdistro">Debian 7.1</td>
                <td><strong>Online since: </strong></td>
                <td class="showonline">2 Days 10:29</td>

I'm trying to search for the class "DomainDescription", and then search for the HTML within the class "showonline", and manipulate the latter.

I'm looking for the relationship of sibling (table) >child (tbody) > child (tr) > child (td)

Try as I may, I cant seem to find a proper selector for this kind of relationship.

I began by:

$('.DomainDescription').each(function () {                  
    var PrintedUptime=$(this).siblings().children(".showonline").html();
    alert (PrintedUptime);

What should the proper selector be?

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you can

$('.DomainDescription').each(function () {                  
    var PrintedUptime=$(this).closest('.well-mod').find(".showonline").html();
    alert (PrintedUptime);

Demo: Fiddle

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That's awesome. I didnt know I could do that! – Droidzone Aug 23 '13 at 6:22

The correct css selector is:


I think that is correct, at least. Therefore, you can use:


to achieve the desired effect. This is not tested.

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