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I want to add quotes to words in file matching particular regex using any tool, maybe vi, awk or sed. File contain many lines like this.

take this line for example::

'SellerName',2013-08-20 17:19:49,,-8523106007192903367,5526150741,1,null,25d20a500342-653AC57AF9E6401B,16,2574455867,product description,-8574103407192903368,353860,_,null,-1

I would like to put single quotes around IP ( and around the session id (25d20a500342-653AC57AF9E6401B).

I looked into awk, sed and vi but could not find how to insert matched-patterns in the substitution.

Let me know if you have some way to do it.

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matching particular regex -- tell us your regex. –  devnull Aug 23 '13 at 6:48

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This is pretty straightforward with awk:

awk '{ $3 = q $3 q; $8 = q $8 q } 1' FS=, OFS=, q=\' infile

This tells awk that the input and output are comma separated (FS=, OFS=,) and assumes that none of the fields contain embedded commas. Field 3 and 8 receive quotes through the q variable.


'SellerName',2013-08-20 17:19:49,'',-8523106007192903367,5526150741,1,null,'25d20a500342-653AC57AF9E6401B',16,2574455867,product description,-8574103407192903368,353860,_,null,-1
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Yup, it's that simple. +1 - this is the answer... –  Ed Morton Aug 23 '13 at 16:01
hey thanks Thor it works! –  user2709903 Aug 30 '13 at 4:03
sed -i s/"''"/g filename

Similarly for the other pattern.

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