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I'm an beginner vim user and I installed VimFx add-on for Firefox in order to get used easier with it. And VimFx has this cool feature where when you press F you get a bunch of links where you can jump. And when you press the link's shortcut you get to that page. I want the same thing in Vim but to jump at that particular piece of text. I remember I say the same thing in Vim but I don't remember if there was a plug-in or if it was built-in. Like here:

enter image description here

Is that feature available for ViEmu for Visual Studio? And if yes, how can I enable it? Also is it possible to use Vim plug-ins with ViEmu?

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That feature is inspired by a Vim plugin called EasyMotion.

As far as I know, there isn't a single vi[m] emulator out there that supports Vim plugins. Some emulators, like Vrapper for Eclipse provide their own implementation of famous plugins but that's how far you can go.

But if you want a definitive answer, read the ViEmu documentation.

Using a vi[m] emulator is a very poor way to learn Vim. Use Vim itself.

Installing plugins is also a very poor way to learn Vim. Learn the basics first.

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It's impossible to use Vim with a complex Visual Studio project where you really need autocompletion and the debugger, but yes, the answer is good... – Jacob Krieg Aug 23 '13 at 7:34
Who said you should learn Vim in a production environment? That would be crazy. Learn Vim on the side and switch if/when you are ready. Also, Vim is not an IDE: don't waste your time learning it if you have no real need for a text editor. – romainl Aug 23 '13 at 7:38
The problem is not with learning Vim. The problem is that for big VS projects it's impossible to use Vim no matter how guru you are with Vim. You can't use the VS debugger from within Vim and the autocompletion features won't work because AFAIK there is no autocompletion plugin out there that would understand project files – Jacob Krieg Aug 23 '13 at 7:43
This is not a problem. If you need an IDE, use an IDE; if an IDE is not strictly necessary, you can use Vim. If all you do is C# and you absolutely need VS, there is simply no point learning Vim at all. I use Vim for HTML/CSS/JS, Python, shell scripting, lightweight PHP and any other text editing task on one side and Flash Builder for AS3 and AndroidStudio pour Android on the other side. If I was doing only Android dev or AS3 or C# I would never have bothered to learn Vim as it would have been useless/worthless to me. – romainl Aug 23 '13 at 7:59
And I can very well understand that. That's why ViEmu, Vrapper and friends exist. But they are not Vim and they have many missing parts. Using Vrapper in Flash Builder, I always have "oh, shit" moments where something I'm used to in Vim is not available despite all the basic text-objects and motions being present. I'm afraid there's no perfect solution to your problem. – romainl Aug 23 '13 at 8:32

Just a note, the f,F (and associated t, T) motions do exist by default on Vim (and most emulators), but there are limited to the same line.

See :help left-right-motions

As mentioned before, EasyMotion allow you to do a search on multiple lines.

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