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I have tried following code, but it only positions dialogs left upper corner position to center, and that makes element to be aligned to right. How can I center dialog to real center which counts elements width, so that center line will cut dialog to 50% 50% halfs?

$('.selector').dialog({ position: 'center' });


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I am having a similar problem to what I am assuming that the OP did. The dialog is positioning in the top left corner no matter what I do! Very frustrating. –  Nathan Bunney Apr 18 '12 at 4:11

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I'm pretty sure you shouldnt need to set a position:


should centre by default.

I did have a look at the article, and also checked what it says on the official jquery-ui site about positioning a dialog : and in it were discussed 2 states of: initialise and after initialise.

Code examples - (taken from jQuery UI 2009-12-03)

Initialize a dialog with the position option specified.

$('.selector').dialog({ position: 'top' });

Get or set the position option, after init.

var position = $('.selector').dialog('option', 'position');
$('.selector').dialog('option', 'position', 'top');

I think that if you were to remove the position attribute you would find it centres by itself else try the second setter option where you define 3 elements of "option" "position" and "center".

Let us know what happens.


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The latest jQuery UI has a position component:

   my: "center",
   at: "center",
   of: window

Doc: http://jqueryui.com/demos/position/
Get: http://jqueryui.com/download

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I had trouble with this because it would sometimes change the position of the content of the dialog box but not the outer box, so here is what worked for me: $('#myDialog').dialog('widget').position({my:"center", at:"center", of:window)} –  semmelbroesel Apr 11 '14 at 21:31
This doesn't work for me on Safari 6.2.3 as I scroll down and trigger this function, the element will be positioned below the viewport. –  gamov Feb 26 at 9:00

Because the dialog need a position, You need to include the js position

<script src="jquery.ui.position.js"></script>
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Bingo - we have a winner. That was my problem. Thanks! –  Chris Holmes Jul 26 '13 at 20:22
excellent! thanks for that. Couldn't work out why it wasn't working –  space_balls Sep 29 '13 at 23:27

So if anyone hits this page like I did, or for when I forget in 15 minutes, I'm using jqueryui dialog version 1.10.1 and jquery 1.9.1 with ie8 in an iframe(blah), and it needs a within specified or it doesn't work, i.e.

position: {
 my: "center bottom",
 at: "center top",
 of: $("#submitbutton"),
 within: $(".content")

Thanks to @vm370 for pointing me in the right direction.

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I didn't have to use within but the reason for my up vote is that it uses the position attribute like so: $('.selector').dialog({ position: my: "center bottom", at: "center top", of: $("#submitbutton") }); instead of adding a call at the end: $('.selector').position(...) –  LosManos Jun 3 '14 at 14:55

To fix center position, I use:

open : function() {
    var t = $(this).parent(), w = window;
        top: (w.height() / 2) - (t.height() / 2),
        left: (w.width() / 2) - (t.width() / 2)
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According to the following discussion, the problem could be due to less IE compatibility in the newer jQuery versions, reverting back to 1.7.2 seems to resolve the problem, which only occurs in IE8. http://forum.jquery.com/topic/jquery-ui-dialog-positioning-not-working-in-ie-8

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If you are using individual jquery files or a custom jquery download either way make sure you also have jquery.ui.position.js added to your page.

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Are you running into this in IE only? If so, try adding this to the FIRST line of your page's HEAD tag:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7" />

I had though that all compatibility issues were fixed in later jQueries, but I ran into this one today.

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Try this for older versions and somebody who don't want to use position:

$("#dialog-div-id").dialog({position: ['center', 'top'],....
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For Win7/IE9 environment just set in your css file:

.ui-dialog {
top: 100px;
left: 350px !important;
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Try this....

$(window).resize(function() {
    $("#dialog").dialog("option", "position", "center");
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You also need to do manual re-centering if using jquery ui on mobile devices - the dialog is manually positioned via a 'left & top' css property. if the user switches orientation, the positioning is no longer centered, and must be adapted / re-centered afterwards.

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Another thing that can give you hell with JQuery Dialog positioning, especially for documents larger than the browser view port - you must add the declaration

<!DOCTYPE html>

At the top of your document.

Without it, jquery tends to put the dialog on the bottom of the page and errors may occur when trying to drag it.

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I fixed with css:

.ui-dialog .ui-dialog-content {
  width: 975px!important;
  height: 685px!important;
  position: fixed;
  top: 5%;
  left: 50%;
  margin:0 0 0 -488px;
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Jquery UI 1.9.2, jquery and the later versions don' support IE8

i found two solution for that..

  1. rollback to jquery UI 1.7.2 to support IE8,

  2. try this code with Jquery UI 1.9.2

    position: {my: "center", at: "center", of: $("body"),within: $("body") },

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Could not get IE9 to center the dialog.

Fixed it by adding this to the css:

.ui-dialog {

Percent doesn't matter. Any small number worked.

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