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A TableView is filled by double left click on a ListView item(s).

This TableView has two rightmost columns rendered as ChoiceBox and CheckBox, and it all works fine.

My issues is as follow: add an item then set flag on the CheckBox and any number for the ChoiceBox colum

enter image description here

Now if I left click again on a ListView row to add another item to the Table, my previous check and number settings disappear

enter image description here

The whole project can be downloaded here



Edit: I forgot the following Properties methods

public SimpleBooleanProperty onProperty() {
          return on_col;
      public SimpleStringProperty toolProperty(){
          return tool_col;
      public SimpleStringProperty chartProperty(){
          return chart_col;
      public SimpleStringProperty paneProperty(){
          return pane_col;

With these methods added the CheckBoxes problems is now fixed, it only remains to fix the number selected on the ChoiceBox.

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When you call you EventHanlder for your listviewIndicator you do store your Indicators there with default values:

Indicators ind = new Indicators(indSelected, "", "", true);

If I understand your code correctly these values never change inside the list. So when you add another Indicators with another double click to your ObservableList<Indicators> taToolsList = FXCollections.observableArrayList(); you still have two Indicators still with default values as mentioned above. As you in the following set the complete taToolsList to your TableView the before changed thingies are gone as the whole list is inserted.


I hope that makes sense.

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Hi nyyrikki, I have just updated my question with a partial solution found: will follow your suggestion to see if I can fix it all – Alberto acepsut Aug 23 '13 at 20:55

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