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Can you please help me gain a comprehensive knowledge about differences between modal and modeless dialogs by introducing me excellent tutorial links?
For example can you explain me about the programs that are linked here? Are they modal and modeless ones?
Up to know I thought that designing a dialog using just codes means modeless but designing a dialog using Toolbox means modal but as much as I search, I get more confused. Can you help me understand more?

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For simplicity, Model dialog will occupy the application's top most Window focus and you cannot switch to other forms until this Model dialog is Closed. Modeless is similar to a floating window. The border you use didn't matter at all. – Ken Cheung Aug 23 '13 at 8:59

The difference between modal and modeless dialogs is not limited to MFC.

When a modal dialog is open you cannot interact with anything else than this modal dialog inside your program, as long as the modal dialog is open. Most dialogs are modal, for example the File-Save As dialogs are modal.

On the other hand a modeless dialog behaves just like a normal window, you can do anything you want while it is open. The spell checker dialog in Microsoft Word is an example of such a dialog.

The link you mentiond in your question has nothing to do with modal and modeless dialogs.

Modal dialogs are trivial in MFC.

Modeless dialogs are a bit more complicated, but you can find plenty of tutorials by searching "mfc modeless dialog tutorial" on google.

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well thanks @Michael Walz then how can I understand whether a dialog is a modal or modeless one just seeing the code and before running the program? – sepideh Aug 24 '13 at 6:48

Modal dialog boxes are created by invoking the DoModal member function of your CDialog derived class in MFC or using the DialogBox API function.

Modeless dialog boxes are created by invoking the Create() (or CreateIndirect) member function of your CDialog derived class in MFC or using the CreateDialog API function.

The above links also explain what else you need to do to support the modal and modeless dialog boxes, for MFC, this MSDN link has some more information.

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