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I can't find how to return a node labels with Cypher.

Anybody knows the syntax for this operation?

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There is a function labels(node) that can return all labels for a node.

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where did you find this? –  Hendy Irawan Jun 30 at 21:34

To get all distinct node labels:

START n=node(*) RETURN distinct labels(n)

and count the nodes for each label:

START n=node(*) RETURN distinct labels(n), count(*)
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 START n=node(*) RETURN labels(n)
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If you want all the individual labels (not the combinations) you can always expand on the answers:

WITH DISTINCT labels(n) as labels
UNWIND labels as label
RETURN distinct label
ORDER BY label
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If you're using the Java API, you can quickly get an iterator of all the Labels in the database like so:

GraphDatabaseService db = (new GraphDatabaseFactory()).newEmbeddedDatabase(pathToDatabase);
ResourceIterable<Label> labs = GlobalGraphOperations.at(db).getAllLabels();
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