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I know i can do it by Alt+f then 1 or 2 or 3. Is there a way give new shortcut in MyEclipse. I unable to find & set it under Windows > Preferences > General > Keys.

For Example: I have opened a file called Task.java in MyEclipse. I closed it accidentally. Now i want to open it again without navigating through Package Explorer.

I want Something similar,

Ctrl + Shift+ T

to open recently closed Tab in the Firefox & Google Chrome.

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Press Ctrl+Shift+L to view all the shortcut keys , Press the same once again to open the Keys Binding dialog.

Type the text in the filter text box for eg. activate , you will get Activate Editor in the search result list with default key of F11.

Double click it and choose your favorite key you want in the Bindings say F9. Click Apply to Change it. Click OK.


enter image description here

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