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a = load '/text.log' using TextLoader() as line:chararray;
b = foreach a generate REGEX_EXTRACT_ALL(line,'projectVersion:[^\t]*');
c = group b by $0;
d = foreach c generate group, COUNT(b);
dump d;

above is my script, and my sample data is somewhat like..

projectName:test    logType:test    logSource:test  logBody:test

and I got this result


I looked up Pig API, it says REGEX_EXTRACT_ALL will return empty tuple if pattern doesn't match, but obviously there exists that pattern. so I tried more simpler task..

b = foreach a generate REGEX_EXTRACT_ALL(line,'projectVersion');

and also tried

b = foreach a generate REGEX_EXTRACT_ALL(line,'p');

again and again I got empty result.

I don't have any idea why this simple thing doesn't work, am I doing something wrong?

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b = foreach a generate REGEX_EXTRACT_ALL(line,'projectVersion:([^\t]*)');

You need to use "()" to indicate what you want.

For you case,

projectName:test    logType:test    logSource:test  logBody:test

b will have a tuple ('test')

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