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I have a perl libev server test script, that just accepts a client connection and closes immediately. To test this server I created a number of serial connections , but after some client connection , I get error like "Resource temporarily unavailable". I can see that the memory consumption of the server steadily increases.

How do I solve the "Resource temporarily unavailable" and memory leak ?

This is the server code.

use EV;
use Socket;
require IO::Socket::UNIX;
use strict;
my $path = "/tmp/punix.sock";
my $addr = sockaddr_un($path);
my $socket = IO::Socket::UNIX->new(Type => SOCK_STREAM);
unlink $path;
$socket->bind($addr) || undef $socket;
if (defined($socket)) {
    $socket->listen(500) || croak "setconn: listen  $!";
my $sw = EV::io $socket, EV::READ,
    sub {
        my $cw = EV::io $w->fh->accept, EV::READ, \&ev_read_cb;
        EV::run  EV::RUN_NOWAIT;

sub ev_read_cb {
    my($w) = @_;
    return unless($w->is_active);
    my $client_socket = $w->fh;
    $SIG{PIPE} = 'IGNORE';
    print "Connected\n";



This is the client code

use IO::Socket;
use IO::Socket::UNIX;
use Socket;
use Time::HiRes;
$| = 1;
sub new_connection {
    my $socket = IO::Socket::UNIX->new(
                                       Peer  => "/tmp/punix.sock",
                                       Type      => SOCK_STREAM,
                                       Timeout   => 10 );
    unless($socket) {
        print STDERR "FAIL: $@\n";
        return 0;
    return $socket;

for (0 .. 100000){
#    Time::HiRes::usleep (100);     # If I enable sleep then it works fine                                                                     
    my $socket = new_connection();
        print "SUCCESS $_ \n";
    } else {
        print "FAIL $_ \n";
    $socket = undef;
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