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Im having trouble doing this. what i have is this macro:

<umbraco:Macro Alias="testingparameter" 
MyOwnParameter="hello" runat="server"></umbraco:Macro>

So what im trying to do is to get the hello string via my razor script: I have tried these things:

<div>test1: @Parameter.MyOwnParameter</div>
<div>test2: @(Html.Raw(Parameter.MyOwnParameter))</div>
<div>test3: @Model.Parameters.MyOwnParameter</div>

But it all returns empty string. what i get back is this


so I guess none of the above is right, or am I just missing something?

Please note that im using umbraco 6.

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You have to set the parameter in the macro within the backoffice too, with an alias of "myOwnParameter". See here for the documentation:


Also, I recommend using camel case wherever you reference the alias, as I seem to remember that when accessing the parameter through the dynamic @Parameter collection, this is how the alias is defined.

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thank you. so what i forgot was to add the parameter in the macro properties. thought it was enough just to add it manually. thank you :-) –  JohnMalkowich Aug 26 '13 at 6:21

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