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I have the following script, which suppose to create a plot with two column legend.


file <- "http://dpaste.com/1354089/plain/";
dat <-read.table(file,header=TRUE);
datm <- melt(dat)

# Plot them
ggplot(datm,aes(x = variable,y = value,fill = Term)) +
geom_bar(position = "fill") +
scale_y_continuous(labels = percent_format())+
theme(legend.direction ="vertical",legend.position = "bottom")+

guides(color=guide_legend(ncol=2))+ # this doesn't seem to work


But it creates this figure instead enter image description here

How can I do it correctly?

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What about accepting the answer? This'll help other people as well. –  MERose Jul 20 at 15:44

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you must assign the guide to the correct aesthetic and you used fill:


And you should take care of the warning with geom_bar

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+1 for succinct answer. Any suggestion, how to address the warning? –  neversaint Aug 23 '13 at 14:44

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