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I have document retrieved from DB and wat to select any other exclude this one. I tried following query:

{'email': u'test@mail.com', 'id': {'$ne': ObjectId('51f7f13fca798933a0c70f69')}}
{'email': u'test@mail.com', 'pk': {'$ne': ObjectId('51f7f13fca798933a0c70f69')}}

{'email': u'test@mail.com', '_id': {'$ne': ObjectId('51f7f13fca798933a0c70f69')}}

Last one is valid query for MongoDB console, the first two - queries I tried to pass to my query object and failed with error message:


ValidationError: {'$ne': ObjectId('51f7f13fca798933a0c70f69')} is not a valid ObjectId

How to fix it?

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Whats the relation to mongoengine? –  Ross Aug 23 '13 at 11:18
@Ross, I am quirying using mongoengine to access database –  Alex G.P. Aug 23 '13 at 11:21
Glad you updated your question so it made sense! –  Ross Aug 23 '13 at 13:05

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What I recon as a reason why the first two queries are not valid is nonexistent fields: 'id', 'pk'. Notice the underscore before the id: _id.

In my console, this is a valid query:

db.user.find( { 'email' : 'test@mail.com', '_id' : { '$ne' : ObjectId("51d41232ccf2f1a165a92ca6")} } )

EDIT this is the solution:

User.objects.filter(email = 'test@mail.com').filter(id__ne="51f7f13fca798933a0c70f69")

Longer version

I have tested this with the mongoengine python module, version 0.8.4, so I try to run this line of code:


First of all, the Document class does not have object attribute, it has objects. Second, objects a QuerySet and it does not have query method. What I can do in mongoengine is something like this:

>>> res = User.objects.filter(email = 'email51@acme.com')
>>> res[0].email

And to the point now!. This query will return as the same error:

User.objects.filter(email = 'email51@acme.com').filter(id__ne="ObjectId('51d41232ccf2f1a165a92cab')")
mongoengine.errors.ValidationError: ObjectId('51d41232ccf2f1a165a92cab') is not a valid ObjectId

This is the correct way to put it:

User.objects.filter(email = 'email51@acme.com').filter(id__ne="51d41232ccf2f1a165a92cab")
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I am not asking about mongodb query, but about mongoengine. I is a bit different. As you can see I wrote correct query third. –  Alex G.P. Aug 23 '13 at 11:17

MongoEngine has its own query syntax that is different to pymongo.

Examples can be seen in the documentation: http://docs.mongoengine.org/en/latest/guide/querying.html

As @bpgergo mentions you need to convert your query to the correct syntax eg:

User.objects.filter(id__ne="51f7f13fca798933a0c70f69", email = 'test@mail.com')
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