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I want to write a code (in fact a latex file) with other collaborators. We wish to collaborate through Dropbox and version control our file with Bazaar.

  1. How to do it? Is there a short tutorial how to do this?

  2. Is there a better way to collaborate on a single file in Dropbox, that is, without a version control system?

  3. Is there a better control version system suitable for Dropbox, which is also easy to learn.

NOTES: I use only the bare basics of version control in Bazzar. I don't know how to use any version control systems properly, unfortunately. I need some very simple mechanism.

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Create a Bazaar repository without a working tree on your shared dropbox folder:

bzr init --no-tree /path/to/subfolder/in/dropbox

You and your team can checkout or branch from this common repository. The good thing about not have a working tree is that nobody will work on it directly by mistake. It's cleanest if each of you checkout/branch from this repository.

If you already have an existing repository, you can push it to the dropbox folder without a working tree like this:

cd /your/local/working/tree
bzr push --no-tree /path/to/subfolder/in/dropbox

The above is a standalone repository setup. If later you want to share multiple branches with your team, it will be more optimal to use a shared repository instead. That way will save storage space and bandwidth. I think it's probably a bit advanced for you now, but if you need it in the future, you can easily migrate your existing repository to a shared repository setup like this:

cd /path/in/dropbox
bzr init-repo --no-trees repo
bzr branch /path/to/old/repo repo/trunk

Afterward you can create multiple branches side by side with trunk inside the repo to share within your team, and it will be efficient.

As per your second question, I think it's better to use version control rather than a single unversioned file. This is a bit of an investment, but it will surely pay off in the long term.

As per your second question, Bazaar is a very easy to use, very intuitive tool. I think it's an excellent choice for you. (Disclaimer: I recently wrote a book on Bazaar.)

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Great! I already have a repository and I pushed it to Dropbox as you demonstrated in your example two. But how should my colleagues use it? Also, some collaboration will be with a person that does not use Bazaar. Is this possible, and how? – Dilworth Aug 23 '13 at 12:25
It will be easiest if you use Bazaar in centralized mode: you check out from the dropbox folder using bzr checkout /path/to/dropbox. You can get the changes committed by others using bzr update. You should not let uncommitted changes hang around for a long time, as that increases the chance of conflicts. Adopt this cycle: always start with bzr update, do some work and bzr commit as soon as possible, leaving no pending changes behind. Even with inexperienced users, this should be simple and easy to follow. Bazaar Explorer can be helpful for non-technical users. – janos Aug 23 '13 at 12:55

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