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I have a Windows Phone 8 app in which i want to show a title and description. my description is very big so i want to show some characters first with a read more button and then when the user clicks that button, he will be able to see the remaining description. how can i achieve this and what are the guidelines for creating read more button in Window Phone 8? How can i achieve this in Windows Phone 8.

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You could achieve this by switching the Description text:

public class MyClass : INotifyPropertyChanged {
  private string _shortText;
  private string _fullText;
  private bool _showFullText;

  public string Text { 
      if (_showFullText) 
        return _fullText;
        return _shortText;
  public void Switch() {
    _showFullText = !_showFullText;

Then you put a TextWrapping TextBlock for {Binding Text} and an underlined TextBlock where you call the Switch Method in the Tap event.

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