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Basically in my ASP.NET MVC4 project I'm trying to have my validationmessages as tooltips (which gets displayed when hovered over a certain image). Right now the error message is inserted into the image title - however I'd like to ONLY display the image when it has a title (when it doesn't have a title there is no error message).

How can I do this?

I don't suppose it is possible through CSS so a js/jquery solution would work too.

To clarify I need to check update the display as the title changes during runtime. An initial check is not gonna do it.

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Here is the pure CSS solution.

The CSS Code:




<img src="" />
<img src="" />
<img src="" title="" />
<img src="" />
<img src="" />

The CSS:


Hope this is what you are looking for.

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Only display images with a title?

$('img').filter(function(i, el){
    return !$(el).prop('title');
    // (empty/undefined titles evaluates as false)

Is this what you're asking for?

Perhaps this css selector is enough (will only work in modern browsers):

    display: none;
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