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I want to add this line to my XML-file via ANT's <xmltask> only if it doesn't exist already:

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="/Transmittal.xsl" ?>

The <insert>-command has the an unless-operator which lets you specify a property. If this property is set the <insert>-command won't be executed. Sadly I don't know how to <copy> create a suiting property.

Currently I try the following which doesn't work:

<copy path="/processing-instruction('xml-stylesheet')" property="count" />

EDIT: This here works but I'd prefer a shorter solution:

<xmltask outputter="simple" source="${}" >
  <copy path="count(/processing-instruction('xml-stylesheet'))" property="xslhrefcount" />

<!-- only write <xml-stylesheet> if it doesn't exists already -->
  <equals arg1="${count}" arg2="0"/>    
    <xmltask outputter="simple" source="${}" dest="${}" >
      <insert path="/transmittal" position="before" unless="xslhrefexists" xml="&lt;?xml-stylesheet type=&quot;text/xsl&quot; href=&quot;/Transmittal.xsl&quot; ?&gt;" />
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