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I have set the Gerrit-Git-Jenkins combination. I'm using the following plugins for Jenkis.

  • Gerrit Trigger
  • Git Client Plugin
  • Jenkins GIT plugin

I'm running a dummy Jenkins job which always succeeds for development purposes. I have notices that when I push changes to Gerrit, the files don't show in the Jenkins workspace.

The repository URL which is set in the Jenkins Git configuration is git://localhost/project i have tried cloning it manually and git clone git://localhost/project gets the files which i would expect it to.

What repository does Jenkins clone to populate its workspace?

It clones git://localhost/project. I've tested this by running git remote show origin as the build script, and then looking at the log output.

What command does Jenkins run to populate the workspace for it seems it isn't cloning of the HEAD?

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I've noticed that there is a FETCH_HEAD file in the .git in the workspace. FETCH_HEAD holds the reference to the right repository. It seems that the Workspace just isn't doing a checkout to the fetched repository. –  Alan Aug 26 '13 at 11:50

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Jenkins does the following to populate its workspace. (names in <> represent the field names in Jenkins project configuration):

git clone <Repository URL>
git fetch <Refspec>
git checkout <Branch Specifier>

The setting which populates the workspace with the files in Gerrit which are awaiting verification are:

Refspec: refs/changes/*:refs/changes/*
Branches to build: $GERRIT_REFSPEC

This clones everything from refs/changes/* from Gerrit and populates the workspace from files referenced as the branch $GERRIT_REFSPEC. $GERRIT_REFSPEC is different for each new change Gerrit receives, it look something like this refs/changes/05/5/1.

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