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If I have a sequence of multiple JOINs in a MySQL query, such as

2.    LEFT JOIN y ON x.id = y.id; 
3.    LEFT JOIN z ON x.id z.id 
4. ... 

Is each individual left join applied to what results from SELECT in line 1, or is the query processed in such a way that the first left join is applied to the results of SELECT and the second left join to the results of the preceding left join? Thanks

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Your JOIN rule is declared exactly by your ON clause. I.e. your question have no sense - you have a clear declaration that you're joining table x with y and table x with z. If you query would look like:

LEFT JOIN y ON x.id = y.id
LEFT JOIN z ON y.id z.id 

then it will be x -> y -> z join - see that it is declared in ON y.id = z.id. Your current query represent z <- x -> y join.

You can see description of SQL JOIN here.

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