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I have a list of .csv files that I have read in to R and placed in a large data frame called data that consists of 6 data.frames which are the 6 files in filenames. My code so far is:

filenames <- list.files( paste(mainDirInput,sep=""), pattern="Out.*csv", full.names=TRUE) 
data = lapply(filenames, function(f) {
wb = read.csv(f, header=TRUE)

The row names and column names in each data.frame are exactly the same, I would like to extract the row names and instead have them as the first column in R. An example of one of my data frames would be like this:

            w    x    y    z
2012 01     12   43   87   09
2012 02     14   53   75   76
2012 03     76   34   76   28
2012 04     41   36   85   16
  :         :    :    :    :
  :         :    :    :    :

I need to be able to use this code on other files as well, so I can't simply just create a new column with the values 2012 01, 2012 02, 2012 03...

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My bad, you're right, need more morning coffee. Previous comment deleted; will delete this one later too. Sorry about that. –  Drew Steen Aug 23 '13 at 13:06

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Youve got a dataframe with columns named "w,x,y,z" . Just do

data$names <- rownames(data) 

to add a new column.

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Thanks, this works for my individual data.frames, so it works if I apply it to data[[1]]$names<-rownames(data[[1]]) but data is a list of 6 individual data.frames, I'm looking to find a way to apply something similar to what you have given me but to all of my data.frames in data. –  userk Aug 23 '13 at 13:08
Oh, this works if I apply it in a for loop! for (k in 1:length(data)){ data[[k]]$date <- rownames(data[[k]]) } Thank you for your help –  userk Aug 23 '13 at 13:16

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