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im new at jsf security, but i need a basic security to access/restrict access from some sites:

e.g. i have the page showInfo.xhtml, which i only want to show the user, when he is logged in. if he isn't, i want to redirect/forward (what is the difference?) to the login-page and when done, he should be able so see the page (if he is admin). otherwise not (e.g. if login fails or if he is not admin)

public boolean isUserLoggedIn(){...}
public boolean isUserAdmin(){...}

what is the best way to do this? my suggestion was a prerenderview method what checks if the user is logged in, and when not, he is navigated to access-denied with:

public static void navigateAccessDenied() {
    FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
    ConfigurableNavigationHandler nav = (ConfigurableNavigationHandler) fc.getApplication().getNavigationHandler();

first question: is this the way you should restrict access? or are there better ways (without complex roles)?

second question: how can i to the login-thing (redirect to login and send back to the page he wanted to see)?

thanks for all answers!

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possible duplicate of How to handle authentication/authorization with users in a database? as to redirect vs forward: stackoverflow.com/questions/11277366/… –  BalusC Aug 23 '13 at 14:47

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