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I am developing a play application which uses actors to process the requests. Application out line would be something like this..

MyController extends Controller {

  system.actorOf(Props(new MyRequestProcessor))
  val actorRef = MyRequestProcessor

  def handle(parse.json) { request =>
    actorRef ! request.body


Basically i would like to put the MyRequestProcessor actor under a Supervisor actor. Since the controllers are created by the play framework, I don't know the preferred way to create RequestProcessor with in a Supervisor and get the ActorRef back.

Want the code to be something like this...

 Supervisor extends Actor {

   override val supevisorStrategy = OneForOneStrategy….


 MyController extends Controller {

  val supervisorRef = system.actorOf(Props[Supervisor]...

  val processorRef = //NEED A WAY TO INSTANTIATE MyRequestProcessor WITHIN 
  //Supervisor and get that ActorRef back Using Supervisor's context.actorOf[]

 def handle(parse.json) { request
   processorRef ! request.body

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Just ask for it.

import akka.pattern.ask
import scala.concurrent.Await
import scala.concurrent.duration._
import akka.util.Timeout

object Supervisor {
   case object GetChild

class Supervisor(childProps: Props) extends Actor {
   import Supervisor._

   val child = context.actorOf(childProps, name = "child")

   def receive = {
      case GetChild => sender ! child

class Child extends Actor {
   def receive = Actor.emptyBehavior

object MyController extends Controller {
   val system = ActorSystem("my-system")
   val supervisor = system.actorOf(Props(classOf[Supervisor], Props[Child]), name = "parent")
   implicit val timeout = Timeout(5 seconds)
   // Blocking is not ideal, but is not the point in this example anyway
   val child = Await.ready((supervisor ? GetChild).mapTo[ActorRef], timeout.duration)
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I was looking for a solution without using the ask(?) pattern. Thanks for the detailed example – user007 Aug 23 '13 at 15:40
You either have to ask for the child or let the parent delegate specific messages to the child. Additional option would be to look up the child using ActorSelection, but in order to do that you need the name of the child (or if you are sure that there is only one child then look up ../parent/*). I'm pretty sure there are no other options. – agilesteel Aug 23 '13 at 16:02
maybe the supervisor could forward the message to its child? that retains the original sender information. – ticofab Jan 15 at 7:57

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