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This thread describes how to call a Service in a view: How do I get an instance of a Grails service programmatically?

This describes how to call it in a Servlet: How do I get an instance of a Grails service programmatically?

This one says how to call it in a Controller: How to dynamically select a service in Grails

I need to get a handle to my service in an integration test. Is this possible?

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Cant you just put def myService in the test and grails should inject it AFAIK –  tim_yates Aug 23 '13 at 13:58

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If its an integration test, you have access to the entire runtime so just inject it like you do normally.

def someService
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Have a look at Testing Controllers with Service.

You have to initialize the service (spring bean) to controller in the test.

class FilmStarsTests extends GroovyTestCase {
    def popularityService
    void testInjectedServiceInController () {
        def fsc = new FilmStarsController()
        fsc.popularityService = popularityService

Services are autowired in integration tests as in controllers.

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