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I am looking for a way to use Regex Replace functions on IBM iseries.

As far as i know, i can use C++ librairies (regex.h) (source) With this, i can only match regex, but not replace. (using regcomp() to compile and regexec() to match the regex)

Does anyone know a way to do it ?

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Is this a native C++ program or are you calling C++ api's from another HLL such as RPG? Is Java an option? –  JamesA Aug 23 '13 at 15:23
Well, i will probably compile a C++ module And then, i will be able to create a service program, and call it from RpgLe. If possible, i would like to avoid Java. –  Charles Martin Aug 23 '13 at 15:53

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The ILE C/C++ runtime library does not have a regex replace function available.

Java, however, has excellent support for regular expressions and integrates easily with RPGLE.

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It seems there is no better way. –  Charles Martin Aug 24 '13 at 7:55
According to Young i Professionals, it seems there is a better way –  WarrenT Aug 25 '13 at 6:00

The Young i Professionals Wiki has a page of Open Source Binaries. In the list is the PCRE Library (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions).

Let us know how this works out. I may try it myself ;-)

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I did install pcre using the rpm. I will let you know if i succeed in using it. –  Charles Martin Aug 30 '13 at 10:07
Using PCRE with PASE from ILE is not easy... I will ask a question on stackoverflow about this. –  Charles Martin Sep 3 '13 at 8:33

I succeed in using Regex with Java. I was inspired by this code from scott klement and that code from ibm. The mix works well. I just added the replace function.


 D newString       pr              O   CLASS(*JAVA:'java.lang.String')
 D                                     EXTPROC(*JAVA:'java.lang.String':
 D                                     *CONSTRUCTOR)
 D    bytearray               32767A   VARYING CONST
 D getBytes        PR         65535A    VARYING
 D                                      EXTPROC(*JAVA:
 D                                       'java.lang.String':
 D                                       'getBytes')
 D PatternCompile  pr              O   CLASS(*JAVA:
 D                                     'java.util.regex.Pattern')
 D                                     EXTPROC(*JAVA:
 D                                     'java.util.regex.Pattern':
 D                                     'compile') STATIC
 D    pattern                      O   CLASS(*JAVA:'java.lang.String')
 D PatternMatcher  pr              O   CLASS(*JAVA:
 D                                     'java.util.regex.Matcher')
 D                                     EXTPROC(*JAVA:
 D                                     'java.util.regex.Pattern':
 D                                     'matcher')
 D    comparestr                   O   CLASS(*JAVA
 D                                     :'java.lang.CharSequence')
 D CheckMatches    pr             1N   EXTPROC(*JAVA
 D                                     :'java.util.regex.Matcher'
 D                                     :'matches')
 D DoReplace       pr              O   CLASS(*JAVA:'java.lang.String')
 D                                     EXTPROC(*JAVA
 D                                     :'java.util.regex.Matcher'
 D                                     :'replaceAll')
 D    replacement                  O   CLASS(*JAVA
 D                                     :'java.lang.String')
 D RegExPattern    s               O   CLASS(*JAVA:
 D                                      'java.util.regex.Pattern')
 D RegExMatcher    s               O   CLASS(*JAVA:
 D                                     'java.util.regex.Matcher')
 D jstrStmt        s                   like(jstring)
 D jPatStr         s                   like(jstring)
 D jRepStr         s                   like(jstring)
 D jRepStr2        s                   like(jstring)
 D result          S             30A   
    jPatStr = newString('^(\+33|0)([1-9][0-9]{8})$');
    jstrStmt = newString('+33123456789');
    jRepStr = newString('0$2');
    RegExPattern = PatternCompile(jPatStr);
    RegExMatcher = PatternMatcher(RegExPattern : jstrStmt);
    if (CheckMatches(RegExMatcher) = *ON);
        dsply ('it matches');
        dsply ('it doesn''t match');
    jRepStr2 = DoReplace(RegExMatcher : jRepStr);
    result = getBytes(jRepStr2);

    dsply (%subst(result : 1 : 30));
    *inlr = *on;

It works, but with Java. I still work on the PASE Solution WarrenT suggested, but using PASE in an ILE program is such a pain...

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I added a question about the PASE version. –  Charles Martin Sep 3 '13 at 14:09
Note this starts up a JVM for every job that makes use of this routine. –  aaronbartell Aug 27 at 12:39
Aaron, is there anything to do to improve that behavior ? –  Charles Martin Sep 1 at 13:02
Yes, you could have a Java process sitting behind a dataqueue and that would keep it to a single JVM. But the reality is you do not want Java in the mix at all because this is being called from RPG and is such a small need in the bigger picture. Check out this article from Scott Klement: iprodeveloper.com/rpg-programming/… –  aaronbartell Sep 1 at 14:26

Scott Klement wrote an article that could help.

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If i am not mistaken, it is only about regex validation. I can't use regex replacement with this method. Which i use quite a lot. –  Charles Martin Sep 2 at 9:50

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