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I want to write a Chrome extension that allows users to send emails directly from the omnibox. Is it possible to directly execute Google Apps Script code, such as the Gmail Services API from within a Chrome extension?

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Yes, you can but with some limitation If you publish your apps script code as a webapp which will be accessible publicly, you can make a GET request to the webapp URL to execute the Apps Script code.


//use e.parameter here
//write your apps script code
return ContentService.createTextOutput('your return content');

after publishing it, say you got a URL like


Now make a request from your chrome app

GET https://script.google.com/macros/s/djihwerd98ejdeijded/exec?param=value
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Could you provide a minimal working example? –  qed Sep 10 at 14:37
@qed The Sample Code above is minimal code which works fine in the said case. –  Waqar Ahmad Sep 16 at 4:32

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