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I have a data object:

case class Id(val value: String) extends AnyVal {
  def bind[A](f: ((String) => A)): A = {

I want to bind Id to the first argument of String.format:


But I get the error type mismatch: Seq[Any] => String => String

I believe this is because template.format can take a variable amount of arguments.

Is there a way that I can make a nice reusable bind function like this?

Edit: (I do not want to leak the val of Id because I am trying to implement a tell don't ask strategy)

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If you use a lambda in your call to bind, then everything should be fine:

id.bind(s => template.format(s))

Alternatively, you could change your bind function to accept Seq[Any]:

def bind[A](f: ((Seq[Any]) => A)): A = {


def bind[A](f: (String*) => A): A = {

id.bind(template.format) // Works!!!
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