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I am writing a web application in Java by using Play Framework 2.1.0. And I am using Ebean to manipulate the database. But I got one problem now:

I have a model class called book with an int type column called page:

    public int page;

    public int getPage() {
        return page;

   public void setPage(int page) {
        this.page = page;

And the page column in my MySql database is also int type. When I get a result(row) using Ebean and the value of page column in my database has a specified value like 12, it works well. But if the value of page attribute is null in my database, the application will throw an exception:

Execution exception[[PersistenceException: Error loading on models.Book.page]]

I don't how to deal with this problem.

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Could you use a try-catch? – cYn Aug 23 '13 at 14:23
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Use an Integer wrapper, that can be null, instead of int primitive:

public Integer page;

public Integer getPage() {
    return page;

public void setPage(Integer page) {
    this.page = page;

Then you will be able to get\set nulls

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