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When I execute something like:

run('less <somefile>')

Within fabric, it prepends the lines with Out: and interacting with it doesn't work as expected.

If I run it with:

run('cat <something>', pty=False)

The output isn't prepended with anything and I can actually pipe that into less locally, like:

fab less | less

However I'm not sure if that's recommended since I feel it may be taxing on the remote resource since cat will continually be piping back through ssh. Also when I quick less before the whole file is cat'd (it could be over 1GB), I get a broker pipe error.

What would be the recommended way to facilitate this? Should I just use ssh directly like:

ssh <remote host> less <something>
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As an update, running local('ssh -t <remote host> less <something>') seems to work very well –  stgtscc Aug 23 '13 at 14:50

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If you're doing interactive work on the remote host, then maybe just using SSH is fine. I think fabric is mostly useful when automating actions.

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