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This is similar, but not this question Code-Completion for e.g. Numpy, SciPy or Matplotlib does not work in Eclipse PyDev

My problem isn't that PyDev can't resolve the variables as their specific type, I can't even get it to look into the numpy module for the functions. For example

import numpy as np

gives me nothing. These modules are in my list of forced builtins.

Autocomplete does work for many other modules (including Qt/qwt, serial, struct) and the programs run fine. However, every time I use np.something eclipse thinks it is an error(red line under it). Does this "just work" for everyone else?

Edit (additional info):

There are errors in my error log. However, they are about Java not having permissions to run pylint and complaints about invalid encoding. I am running Eclipse 3.8.1 with python 2.7 on Ubuntu 13.04. Historically, I develop python in Spyder, so whatever I am missing likely has to do with Elipse nuances.

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It should 'just work' for you. Can you check if 'numpy' is on the 'forced builtins' list (in your interpreter configuration -- it should be added automatically, but it's possible it's not there. See: http://pydev.org/manual_101_interpreter.html for details on it).

If it is and you still have an issue, please check if you have some error in your error log -- see: http://pydev.org/faq.html#PyDevFAQ-HowdoIReportaBUG%3F for details on getting it.

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Yes, it is listed in my builtins. In fact, if I remove it from that list it actually works a little better. As in, it can now give some suggestions when I type np.<ctrl_space>. However, it doesn't find all the things normally associated with a numpy import (array for example is missing). –  Matt Sep 9 '13 at 13:27
Also, thanks for your work on PyDev. On first inspection, it seems very powerful. –  Matt Sep 9 '13 at 13:42

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