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So I've got a socket that is connected to an outside web address and when it gets a certain message it's supposed to disconnect. I tried calling socket.close() but socket.isConnected() is still true. No luck searching for an answer

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isConnected() only tells you if you made a successful connection to a socket. isClosed() tells you if you called close().

Check out this guys response http://stackoverflow.com/a/3701249/2453771

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Ok so the next question is does calling close kill the connection? And if not what will? –  user2312638 Aug 23 '13 at 16:42
Calling close() closes your side of the socket. The server isn't notified that you closed the socket though. –  user2453771 Aug 23 '13 at 16:50



Returns a boolian, whether this socket is closed. Refer Sockets

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" When you use Socket(), which you seem to have overlooked, Socket.isConnected() tells you whether Socket.connect() has been called or not. Similarly for isClosed() and close().

Confusion over these methods results from confusing the state of the socket, which is under the control of the application, with the state of the overall connection, which is under the control of the protocol. isConnected() and isClosed() tell what you have done to the socket. There are no APIs other than read and write for determining the state of the connection."

Oracle documantion < in here it's well explained that once you call .close() the connection is closed and you can check by isClosed().

.close() :

Closes this socket.

Any thread currently blocked in an I/O operation upon this socket will throw a SocketException.

Once a socket has been closed, it is not available for further networking use (i.e. can't be reconnected or rebound). A new socket needs to be created.

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Do a checksum on the data returned, make sure you get the correct value. If so and you called close and try-catch everything, it should be fine.

You could watch in a debugger and make sure nothing is leaking.

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