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class RespondersAPI(MethodView):
    # some class based view to do restful services

#now we have url maps here
users_api = RespondersAPI.as_view('users_api', userlevel=1)

                       view_func = users_api,
                       methods=["PUT", "DELETE"])

                       defaults={'page': 1},
                       view_func = users_api,

                       view_func = users_api,

                       view_func = users_api,

As you can see from above, the problem is that one can't reach the 4th routing rule. the objectid converter is what here's whats going on:

>>> url_for('.users_api', page=1) 
>>> url_for('.users_api', page=2) 
>>> url_for('.users_api', user_id=users[0].id) 
'/admin/user?user_id=521781f4fe8974125cef5ea9' # not what I expected

the objectid converter is the one from Armin Ronacher. I put some debug codes there and discovered this isn't even fired. I thought this has something to do with the order of creating url rules, so I tried declaring the url rule with objectid before all other rules are declared; however this doesn't help at all. What is wrong with my codes? here is current url map:

 <Rule '/admin/user/new' (POST, OPTIONS) -> admin_mod.users_api>,
 <Rule '/admin/user/uid/<user_id>' (PUT, OPTIONS, DELETE) -> admin_mod.users_api>,
 <Rule '/admin/user/page/<page>' (HEAD, OPTIONS, GET) -> admin_mod.users_api>,
 <Rule '/admin/user' (HEAD, OPTIONS, GET) -> admin_mod.users_api>,
 ... # and a bunch of rules ..
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Your URL map doesn't really match your rule definitions and/or url_for calls. You defined a rule like /user/page/<int:page> but in your URL map it's /admin/user/<page> (I guess the /admin part is prepended automatically but /user/page/<int:page> is still not the same as /user/<page>). Care to explain? –  dAnjou Aug 23 '13 at 17:12
@dAnjou I updated that. admin is automatically prepended. I don't know why these int: and objectid: aren't displayed, views from other blueprints also don't show what type of argument they receive. –  thkang Aug 23 '13 at 21:38

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